Dinner in The Dark

One-of-a-kind dinner experience in a pitch-black restaurant to elevate your other senses, where you try traditional Slovenian food with a modern twist.
2 hours
Start time
Gostilna pri Trubarjevi mami
Experience dining in a new light — by turning the lights off.
Unique opportunity to sharpen your senses of taste, smell and touch in a pitch-black restaurant.
Delicious 4-course dinner prepared by a top chef.
An interactive accompanying program.
Blind dinner in Ljubljana
Blind dinner in Ljubljana
Finest Slovenian cuisine
Finest Slovenian cuisine
Dinner in the dark Ljubljana experience
A 2-hour dining experience you won't forget
dinner in the dark waiter Ljubljana
Delicious 4-course dinner
restaurant Ljubljana in the dark
Guided event with fun games
dinner in the dark Ljubljana
Supercharge your senses
dinning dark ljubljana slovenia
Excite your tastebuds
restaurant in the dark slovenia
Extra fun way of eating

Included in price

Welcome drink
2-hour Dark Dining Experience
4-course Mystery Menu
Traditional Slovenian Food With A Modern Twist
Meat & Vegetarian Options
Challenges In The Dark
Sweet surprise

Optional Extras

4 wine glasses for food pairing - 25€/person
2 local beers - 10€/person

One-of-a-kind dinner experience with the finest Slovenian cuisine.

Join us in a hidden pitch-black restaurant, where we will excite your taste buds, supercharge your senses and satisfy your hunger for new adventures. Your taste, smell, and touch will all be elevated by taking away your sight in complete darkness.

During this guided event with fun games, experience the unique feeling of anticipation as you are served a delicious 4-course dinner as you try to guess what foods you are eating (no slugs, we promise).

After the whole experience, you will not only walk away full of great food but also with a new appreciation for the power of your senses.

Minimum number to organise the experience is 8 people.


Gostilna pri Trubarjevi mami, Dunajska cesta 18, 1000 Ljubljana

Things to know

No problem! Our chef will make sure everyone gets a meal to their taste – when making the reservation just let us know about dietary restrictions!

That’s a concern for a lot of guests. We create a calm, serene atmosphere where everyone can relax completely in under 10 minutes.

Yes! Besides the table waiters, there will also be a head waiter whose voice will guide you throughout the dinner.

Children and guests ages 13 and up are welcome; however, we do not offer a special menu or price for kids. Please keep in mind that the dining experience takes place in a pitch dark room.

Unfortunately not. We are working together with the kitchen of Gostila pri Trubarjevi mami and we have to let them know the latest 4 hours before the dining experience the exact number of guests.

Your server will be more than happy to guide you outside the restaurant for any needs you may have, and they will also guide you back when you are ready. In order to make sure all guests have an enjoyable experience, cell phone use is not permitted in the restaurant and they must remain off for the entire duration. We also provide lockers, where you can lock in all belongings. 

There is payable public parking available nearby.

Expert Chefs

Experienced local chefs will prepare some delicious and authentic meals for you to taste during this pitch-black experience.

Trusted by Many

We are a financially protected company operating since 2014, and with thousands of satisfied customers in the past, we still put you first.

100% Made in Slovenia

Based in Slovenia, we are working closely with local suppliers to provide you with a unique experience at the best possible price.
Unique dinner experience in a pitch-black restaurant
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