Dinner in the dark

Dinner in the Dark

Unique dinner experience in a pitch-black restaurant

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  • One-of-a-kind dinner experience
  • In a pitch-black restaurant
  • Finest Slovenian cuisine prepared by a top chef
  • An interactive accompanying program

Join us for a dinner where your taste, smell and touch will be elevated by taking away your sight in complete darkness.

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journey of taste


  • 2-hour Dining Experience
  • 4-course Mystery Menu
  • Meat & Vegetarian Options*
  • Traditional Slovenian
  • Food With A Modern Twist
  • Challenges In The Dark
  • Non-alcoholic drink included

54€ / PERSON

  • Start at 8 PM
  • Sign up to reserve your spot
  • Dinner is conducted in English and Slovenian
  • For children over 12 years of age
  • For private groups contact us

*Tell us about any allergies on the spot

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Best Western Premier Hotel Slon, Slovenska cesta 34, 1000 Ljubljana

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Dining experience

Q: What if I have allergies or food restrictions?
A: No problem! Our chef will make sure everyone gets a meal to their taste – just tell us on the spot.

Q: What if I feel uncomfortable in the dark?
A: That’s a concern for a lot of guests. We create a calm, serene atmosphere where everyone can relax completely in under 10 minutes.

Q: Is this a guided event?
A: Yes! Besides the table waiters, there will also be a head waiter whose voice will guide you throughout the dinner.

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Culinary Delights


dinner in the dark

We appreciate the look of food, but how often do we really indulge in its taste?

  • Dinner in the dark offers a unique opportunity to sharpen your senses of taste, smell and touch in a pitch-black room.
  • Our eyes are our most used sensory organ – we use them for over 80 percent of our perception.
  • When we can’t see, we feel lost. The body compensates by heightening our other senses, giving us the ability to taste in a more profound manner.
  • Experience the unique feeling of anticipation as you are served a delicious 4-course dinner as you try to guess what foods you are eating (no slugs, we promise).
  • Walk away with a new appreciation for the power of your senses.

A dinner you'll never forget

Join us for a unique evening in the dark and treat your senses to new heights of experience.