A Romantic Valentine’s Dinner in the Dark

Are you thinking about surprising your partner with a unique and romantic experience for Valentine's Day? Why not treat them to a Dinner in the Dark?
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Blog Published September 7, 2022
Edited May 24, 2024

The Most Romantic Dinner in Ljubljana, where you can truly connect with your partner and food in complete darkness on Valentine’s Day.

Do you want a romantic dinner where you can truly focus on your loved one and the food on Valentine’s Day? The Ljubljana restaurant Dinner in the Dark has the perfect ambiance, allowing you to bond with your partner over a shared meal.

Leave your worries, phones, and the world behind. Step into the dark dining room, sit at a table for two, relax to the sounds of jazz music in the background, and wait for the waiters’ instructions on how to enjoy dinner in the dark.

What is this Dinner in the Dark?

Wondering what this Dinner in the Dark includes? Where does it take place? How does it work? What will you eat and drink? How will you eat and drink? Should you be scared?

Here are all the answers to your questions. First, you should know that Ljubljana’s Dinner in the Dark takes place at the restaurant Pri Trubarjevi Mami, part of the Kaval Group culinary family. Thus, your food is prepared by top Kaval chefs.

Two attentive waiters will guide you through the entire two-hour culinary experience. Using night vision devices or glasses, they will lead you to your table in the dark (guests are not blindfolded), seat you, and explain where your cutlery, glasses, and water jug are.

There is also a bowl of water available where you can wash your hands if you decide to use them instead of cutlery. You can find your cutlery around and use it. This is actually one of the joys of dining in the dark: you can touch the food with your hands, engage with it, and not be embarrassed. Here, you can really connect with your food!

You will also notice that as the food approaches, you will sense and perceive some (if not all) of the elements you will be eating. Note: Because you lack vision, your senses of smell, taste, and touch are heightened, making your dining experience even more exciting.

A Surprise Menu with Slovenian Food and Wine

The two-hour food experience will include four courses. You can choose between a meat and a vegetarian menu. The food is traditional Slovenian but with a modern twist, featuring many wonderful flavors to awaken your senses. Don’t worry; the dishes are served at the right temperature, so you won’t risk burning your tongue.

A variety of wines will also be available to accompany your meal. In addition to food and drink, you and your fellow diners can participate in some fun challenges. Many surprises await for you to discover!

Dinner in the Dark

The dark dining concept is already well-known and popular worldwide. It started in Paris and Zurich in the late 1990s and then spread to many parts of the world. Some people are afraid to eat in pitch-black darkness. However, this concept is popular.

A Dinner You Won’t Forget

Dinner in the Dark is an experiential environment where you can voluntarily immerse yourself in a world of sensitivity you may not have experienced before. Upon arrival at the entrance to the dining room, you leave all light sources (mobile phones and other devices) and valuables in a locker. And you’re ready for a dinner you will never forget!

Make sure to enjoy every second of your culinary experience! When you’re having fun, time flies. And finally, happy Valentine’s Day!

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A Romantic Valentine’s Dinner in the Dark

The Most Romantic Dinner in Ljubljana, where you can truly connect with your partner and food in complete darkness on Valentine...
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Unique dinner experience in a pitch-black restaurant
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