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Romantic Valentine’s Day Dinner in the Dark

Ljubljana’s most romantic dinner experience where you can truly connect with your partner and food in complete darkness on Valentine’s Day. Fancy a romantic dining experience where you can really focus on your loved one and your food on Valentine’s Day? Ljubljana’s Dinner in the Dark experience has the perfect ambiance to bring you closer

Novoletna večerja v temi

  Prišel je veseli december in zadnji čas za nove izkušnje letošnjega leta. Zadnje dni decembra smo pripravili večer kulinaričnega razvajanja na poseben način. Preden vstopite v novo leto, si privoščite nepozabno gala doživetje v skrivnostni restavraciji Best Western hotela Slon.  28. decembra vas vabimo v restavracijo v temi na edinstveno in posebno večerjo. Ko

Like true love, exceptional taste in good food is also blind

We have become too reliant on our eyesight. We experience nearly everything with our eyes, yet we have 4 other senses that are often excluded, unceremoniously and unapologetically left out because if the view of our plate isn’t Instagram worthy then it surely can’t taste good, right. Our Instaworld, where judging the quality of everything

EU co-financing

The project has received EU co-financing. Our vision is to create themed culinary experiences. Name of the operation: An Innovative concept of eating food (InoFood) Goal/purpose of the investment: Financing the development of the service InoFood Investment is being co-financed by Republic of Slovenia and European Union from the European regional development fund. The purpose